1. There is another agency in the area with a name similar to Coastal Plains Insurance of the Lowcountry. Are the two companies the same?
No. The companies are not the same. (We know it can be confusing!) Coastal Plains Insurance of the Lowcountry is independently and wholly owned by Mark McDonald, a longtime resident of the area with more than 25 years of experience in the local insurance market. Coastal Plains Insurance of the Lowcountry has no affiliation with regional or national banking institutions or other insurance companies. We like it that way. For clients, it means we are only interested in delivering customized insurance programs based solely on their specific needs. Remember--with the name--the difference is in the "Lowcountry."

2.  Why can't I get a quote online with your agency?
We like to talk with our customers! And, we have experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals available to do just that. We believe that rarely is an insurance policy based on "fill in the blank" type questions--particularly in coastal communities. Because we get to know our clients, we can ensure we are providing the most appropriate policy for their specific situation. Call us at 843.706.3006. Let's talk. Once we get to know a bit about your needs, we can usually provide a quote within a day.


3.  What is an independent insurance agency?
An independent agency like Coastal Plains Insurance of the Lowcountry represents many insurance carriers. The independent agent is not captive to a single carrier. This allows us to put client's needs and concerns above all else. Captive agents represent only one company and essentially can provide only that carriers product. Some examples of captive companies are State Farm, Allstate and Farmers Insurance Group.

4.  Which insurance carriers does Coastal Plains of the Lowcountry represent?
As an independent agency, we are able to provide coverage options from a number of different highly rated carriers, allowing us to find the best coverage specifically tailored to our clients needs. Following is a representation of some of the carriers and brokers we have contracted with to provide comprehensive coverage options.